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Visual Arts

Student Art Installments on the St. Mary Campus


Together We Have it All

Painted collectively by the Class of 2019 under the guidance of Dawn Russell. 


Spirit through Generations

Student steel sculpture.


Father's Footsteps

 Poured concrete pathway connecting the Parish office and school. 


Other Student Art Projects

  • Academic Hallway Murals
  • Locker Room Murals 
  • Stations of the Cross Paintings

Student Artwork

Additional Visual Art Opportunities

  • Dennos Museum - Juried Art Show
  • Exposures - Juried Magazine and Exhibit
  • Lion's Peace Poster Contest
  • Trashion Show


Arts & Stewardship

  • Auction Art Projects
  • Blankets of Hope
  • Graphic Designs for Class Events
  • Greeting Card Ministry