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RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)

RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)

What is RaiseRight?

A program that allows you to purchase gift cards from vendors and retailers. It's a way to earn credit towards tuition or other St. Mary programs.

How does it work?

Participating retailers agree to sell gift cards to our school at a discounted price.  You buy the gift cards for full face value and St. Mary School keeps the difference.  The difference gets divided between you (75%) and the school (25%).

You put your regular household shopping dollars to work and earn credit towards tuition or other school programs.

What if we do not have children enrolled at St. Mary?

Grandparents, parishioners, family, and friends, near or far, can set up a RaiseRight account. You can support any student in the school by directing your funds accordingly. 

There are several ways to order

Contact the Parish Office at 231 256-9676 for an enrollment number and start shopping!

Orders must be turned into the Parish Office by 9:00am on Mondays.

Filled orders will be ready for pick up by Wednesday. Local vendor gift cards are available for immediate pick up at the Parish Office during business hours. 

Cash and checks are accepted at the office. If ordering online, you can use the convenient RaiseRight Presto-Pay option.  



RaiseRight/Scrip Resources

RaiseRight/Scrip Order Form

Email RaiseRight/Scrip Order

RaiseRight /Scrip Center - Shop Online

Turn orders into School or Parish Office by 9:00 am on Monday. 

Orders will be available by Wednesday afternoon.