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USE SCRIP FOR:                                                              Groceries, Travel, Books & Music, Dining, Home Improvement,  Electronics, Office, Gas & Auto,  Discount Stores, Health & Beauty, Clothing,  Sporting Goods, Catalog & Online Shopping

What is SCRIP?

“SCRIP” are the same gift cards or certificates that you would buy at the store & online, only we receive a percentage back for our benefit. The St. Mary SCRIP Program is a way for you to earn credit on tuition fees AND raise money for St. Mary without costing you any extra money.

How does it work?

SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our school at a discounted price. You purchase gift cards/certificates through the order form. 

Families buy the certificates for full face value and our school keeps the difference as revenue.  Then that revenue gets divided: 75% of the SCRIP profit goes towards your tuition (or another designated area) and the remaining 25% to the school.

The beauty of SCRIP is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn profits without spending a single additional dollar.

What if we do not have children enrolled at St. Mary?

ANYONE can set up a SCRIP account: grandparents, parishioners, family & friends - whether near or far.  You can use SCRIP and adopt a student for the proceeds to benefit. If you are not yet a school family, we will start a reserve account and start saving for you!  You can also pick other school programs to direct your funds!

There are several ways to order.

Turn in your order form to the parish office by 9:00am on Mondays.

You may also order online by enrolling with 

You may email your order.

You can also use the My Scrip Wallet App and have SCRIP-NOW  orders sent right to your phone as you shop! 

Filled orders will be ready to be picked up by Wednesday. Local vendor SCRIP certificates are available for immediate pick up at the Parish Office during business hours. 

Cash and checks are accepted at the office. If ordering online, you can use the convenient Presto-Pay option.  



Scrip Order Form

Email Scrip Order

RaiseRight Scrip Center - Shop Online

Turn orders into School or Parish Office by 9:00am on Monday. 

Orders will be available by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.