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St. Mary School has a K-12 Visual Arts and Vocal Music Curriculum with Certified Master Level Arts Instructors. 

Art classes offered:

  • K-5 Elementary Art & Music
  • 6-8 Middle School Art & Music
  • HS choir
  • HS Survey of Visual Arts (Drawing, Design, Watercolor, Acrylic Painting, Printmaking Pottery & Sculpture)
  • HS Visual Art Studio Concentration

Art classes are important because:

1. Develop Problem Solving Skills - Life does not come with a text book.
Adults need to problem solve as Business Owner, Employee, or CEO of the Home.
Art projects fall apart, don’t work, leading to questions & problems to solve.
Artists develop strategies to solve challenge and apply them outside the studio.
2. Use Higher Level Thinking Skills
Hundreds of art techniques, materials, and subject matter create endless possibilities to analyze before synthesizing specific ones into a finished product.
Evaluation of the process is the beginning to the next project.
3. Develop Creativity Skills - There are no new ideas in the world.
Employers want employees who can give them new ideas and new perspectives.
Brainstorming develops DIVERGENT thinking, key to imagination and producing original ideas.
Critiquing & revising exercise brain muscles to use CONVERGENT thinking, revising the possibilities.

Annual Field Trips:

Biannual ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

Dennos Museum Concerts & Exhibits

Plein Aire Painting on School Campus

Working Artists Studios in our Community