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What families have said about the community...

“A senior at St. Mary's took time out of his already crazy busy schedule just to take my little boy to get a haircut because he heard that he looks up to him and wanted his hair just like him. It was something so small, but is going to leave such an impactful and lasting impression on my son. It's the moments and memories like these that this school is creating that aren't captured on paper but occur every day at St. Mary's. Blessed to have my Little Eagles be part of the greatness that comes out of St. Mary School.” 

“We can’t say enough good accolades about our beautiful small, but mighty St. Mary School, from academics, to sports, outreach humanitarian trips like attending the recent Right to Life March, to serving in various capacities in the church and service for the community, St. Mary School offers the full package.”  

“We send our children to St. Mary School because they will receive an education centered in Christ that is rooted in the Traditions of the Catholic faith that we love.  This church and school are at the heart of a community that shares our laughter and tears by walking with us through the joys and sorrows of life.  These pieces work together to provide our children with an irreplaceable foundation of faith and support that they will always be able to lean on.”  

What families have said about transferring...

“My son told me on the way home from practice today how much he loves his school. Best decision we ever made was to have him moved. He now goes to a school where he feels loved every day!”

“We are happy with our choice to move our kids to St. Mary School. It has only been a year, but it finally feels like we found our people."

“Listen, I honestly cannot be more grateful to be a part of this school and community! Those teachers are all rock stars. We attended what was considered the best Catholic school downstate before we moved here, and St. Mary’s blows them out of the water!”

“St. Mary’s is by far the BEST school! Switching her to this new school was clearly the best decision we could’ve made for our daughter because she is thriving and best of all….she is happy and enjoys going to school again!”