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Tuition Rates

Think you can't afford a quality education? 
Think Again!
We are proud to offer affordable tuition to all!

St. Mary School desires to offer affordable tuition for every family who chooses a faith-based education for their child(ren). 

We model a variable tuition rate and make it affordable
 for your family. 

In order to make St. Mary School a possibility for your family, a variety of tuition reduction programs and payment plans are available. Financial assistance scholarships are provided to nearly 51% of students annually. We encourage all families to apply and all information is held strictly confidential. Payment plans are available, and you can ask us about earning money towards your tuition through our SCRIP Program.

Please contact Lori Schaub, Business Manager at 231-256-9676 ext. 401 or for information and details.

Welcome Scholarship

$1,000 off for a New Family!                    Any new family who enrolls their child(ren) into grades K-12th will receive a Welcome Scholarship of $1,000 off their tuition for one child or $1,500 off their tuition for two or more children from the same family for the first year.

Additional scholarships available through the Guardian Angels Scholarship Program, for more information:

No financial application will be required.

Investing in your child's future

Sending your child to a Catholic school is an investment in your their future. Parental involvement and assistance in the Key Car Raffle Campaign, our Annual Summer Festival, and the Auction are fundraisers to help keep school tuition costs down.