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Performing Arts

The Middle School Drama Department performed School House Rock in the spring of 2019, with nearly 20 students participating in the fun musical production. From acting and directing, to set design, lighting, and sound, the students took part in every aspect of the show. The students were assisted by acting coach Amber Couturier, choreographer & set designer Kat VerSnyder, and vocal instructor Megan Popp (‘14). The performers were further assisted by Dr. David Amalfitano who helped the stage crew. Ryan Popp (‘17) coached the lighting & sound techs, and junior Mary MacDonald managed backstage, during the production.

“A great accomplishment was that the students performed two-part harmony in some of the songs. Their technical skills were challenged and they stepped up.” – Megan Popp, Hope College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music

Performing Art Opportunities

Annual PS-12 Christmas Concert

Annual PS-12 Spring Concert

Annual Middle School Play

Annual Student Talent Show